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Want to SAVE your business from the cost of the climate crisis ?

Identify risks. Manage impacts. Build resilience. NOW.

  • Learn the four core elements of the TCFD and how they guide your monitoring, reporting, and action to overcome climate risks  
  • Armor your business against climate change by managing risks that expose your business to the elements 
  • Understand the financial impacts of climate change and why you shouldn't ignore them 
  • Overcome climate-related hurdles so you lower your risks and build resilience in your business

Ready or not, climate change is here. You’ve seen its effects on local businesses and the world economy. The recent Australian bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic paint a vivid picture of how economies suffer from climate disasters and global inaction.

Natural resources degrade. Supply chains collapse. Productivity tanks. People lose jobs. Households buy less. Investors divest. Products and assets get devalued. Businesses close down. Economies crumble.

More than ever, the role of the environment in the economy is glaring.

You can’t ignore the climate risks and their impacts on your business anymore.

Operating in the same way only leaves you vulnerable to the perils of climate change. That’s something you can’t afford.

Instead, you want to build a robust and resilient business. One that can thrive and grow despite challenging circumstances. A business that feels more aligned with your goals, mission, and values.

The only thing is, you don’t know how and where to start.

The good news is, I can help.

I've co-written an e-book to help you achieve those goals. And you can download it for FREE right NOW.   

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Here's What You'll Get When You Read The EBook

Identify climate risks that hold your business at the mercy of climate change.

Improve decision-making to create systems and solutions that align with your unique conditions, resources, and values.

See and seize opportunities that bring your business financial stability even in the face of climate change.

What Our Clients Are Saying

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Meryl. She brings together a perfect combination of superb technical expertise with unmatched people skills and having the right business acumen. She has a strong entrepreneur mindset with a vision to align business and sustainability strategies for corporations looking to add value, manage risks and compliance, and provide robust disclosures to their stakeholders. Meryl would be an asset to any team.

Shailesh Tyagi
Experienced Partner | Niche ‘ESG & Responsible Investment’ & More

Meryl is a passionate and dedicated sustainability professional. Meryl is a great communicator sharing with me ways to learn more and apply new skills. I appreciated her comprehensive knowledge and application of sustainability. She has been incredibly helpful in teaching me more about the industry.

Brian Deegan 
Regenerative and sustainable communities through permaculture

I had the pleasure of working with Meryl as part of a global sustainability team. Besides her excellent subject matter expertise, I was consistently impressed with her proactive behaviors. Meryl understands human dynamics and what is necessary to implement sustainability change. She has great follow-through and an infectious positive attitude.

Carrie Sabin
Vice President, Corporate Sustainability

What's Inside The EBook

What's TCFD

How did the TCFD come to be? What is its role in helping businesses develop and integrate overall risk management against climate change? How can it help build robust and resilient industries in the long run?

Top Three Risks

What risks are businesses exposing themselves to in the face of climate change? Is it just about the loss of money and property? Can business leaders get sued for overlooking climate change responsibilities?

Top Three Financial Impacts

What are the costs of climate inaction? Is the current financial system helping us navigate and avoid the negative impacts of climate change? How do we move and use money in a more climate-aligned way?

Top Three Opportunities

Should you switch to low-impact, low-carbon systems right away? How can you find the most cost-effective investments and avoid expensive mistakes? What positive transformations await your business when you manage climate risks and build resilience the right way?



Apart from the FREE downloadable e-book, The ABCs of the TCFD, you’ll also get these value-packed and action-driven bonuses that will help you shatter misconceptions about the TCFD and apply your new knowledge to your business.


Checklist with 50+ Opportunities to Overcome Climate Risks

Find out the actions companies can take to protect their business against climate change and leverage them for your own business' long-term success.


Measurement and Verification Tool - Quantify Energy and Resource Savings

Know how to measure and verify energy and resource savings from the efficiency steps you plan to take and save your business from expensive, destructive, and ineffective actions.


Top Three Misconceptions about TCFD

Learn what most people get wrong when disclosing under the TCFD and how to avoid their costly and long-term impacts.

About The Author


I'm Meryl Sukumar, sustainability and circular economy expert and mentor based in Victoria, Australia.

I co-wrote this e-book to help business leaders like you understand the TCFD and leverage it to build resilience amid the climate crisis. It will teach you three things: how to identify the climate risks surrounding your business, determine their financial impacts, and see the opportunities you can take to overcome these threats. After reading this e-book, I hope you will feel empowered in leading your business to build a circular, low-carbon, and climate-resilient economy.


© Meryl Sukumar